Building Information Model



What is Building Information Modeling?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that provides architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with a collaborative way of creating and managing information, resulting in a more transparent and efficient way of planning, building and managing projects from start to finish.

BIM encourages collaborative working amongst stakeholders and enables us to produce and use good quality information through all phases of delivery and into operation. Providing accurate and current information, in a structured way unlocks opportunities for everyone to gain efficiencies. We provide support for our supply chain and for internal staff to ensure that everyone can contribute to the level required and gain the knowledge they need.

To complement the BIM process, we encourage the use of technology to assist us with delivery. This ensures data is securely hosted, accessible and traceable not just for use today but for the lifetime that it may be required. As a by-product of moving away from paper based methods of capturing and reviewing information we are automatically improving our sustainability.

 Our BIM Services in YACAE Includes:

  • BIM Architecture –Preparation of Architectural 3D Models
  • BIM Structure –Preparation of Structural 3D Models
  • BIM MEP –Preparation of MEP 3D Models
  • Combined Services –Coordination among all Trades
  • Collision Detection –Parametric Modeling for MEP components
  • Shop Drawings –Detailed Section Reviews and Schedules

Our Expert BIM Consultancy Services will enable:

  • Improved coordination with production of coordinated, clash free and virtual BIM 3D model
  • By reducing coordination issues in early stage we can reduce installation time and cost
  • Our BIM 3D model service reduces the requirement of site-based variations and modifications and hence reduces wasted man hours
  • We help our client with more accurate data management and extraction with the help of our BIM 3D modeling service.
  • Our BIM model provide functionality for the automated generation of Bill of Materials / Quantity take off
  • Our BIM models help improve the accuracy, quality and detail of construction documentation.