About us

Who We Are

YOHANNES ABBAY Consulting Architects and Engineers is an ISO certified (9001:2015) and have incorporated highly qualified and experienced professionals like Architects, Urban Planners, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Sanitary Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Construction Management Specialists, Geotechnical Engineers, GIS Specialists, IT Specialists, Surveyors, Regional Planners, Infrastructure Engineers, Hydrologists, Chemical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Data Collectors, Data Encoders, CADD Specialists, Draftsmen/ Draftswomen, Economists, Sociologists, Environmentalists, Site supervisors/engineers, Quantity Surveyors and other supporting staff in different disciplines. Most of the workers had a diverse and profound experience in the above discipline both in private and public undertakings.

Objective of the Company

One of the objectives of the company is to give consulting services of Detail Engineering Design (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Specification and Bill of Quantity, 3D Rendering & Animation, etc.), Preparation of tender document, Supervision, Contract Administration; Preparation of Cadaster, Base Map, Urban Development, Town planning, Integrated Master Planning, Structure Planning, Local Development Plan, Land & House Coding & Registration, Urban-Rural-Regional Planning, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Historical Renovation of Buildings, Infrastructure Development, and Environmental Study with favorable business undertaking within acceptable time limits, with quality to the satisfaction of its clients.

YOHANNES ABBAY Consulting Architects  and  Engineers staffs are familiar with prevailing international standards and local regulatory codes. The educational academic background and the professional skill acquired from experience being multi-disciplinary have provided to the firm with an integrated and diversified resource enabling it to adopt the client’s project requirements from the start, analyzing and developing solutions to those requirements efficiently.


YOHANNES  ABBAY Consulting  Architects  and  Engineers  Come  in  to  the business of Consultancy on November 2009. And we have been rendering our services all over the cities in Ethiopia and different countries like Egypt, Sudan, Somaliland, Dubai and USA with our Head office located in Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia, and branch offices in Mekelle, Bahir Dar and Dubai ever since. YOHANNES ABBAY Consulting  Architects  and  Engineers, over the years, we had the opportunity to work on more than 267 projects and contracts, which are funded, by different Governmental and Non-governmental Institutions, private limited companies and business owners.