YOHANNES ABBAY Consulting Architects and Engineers have incorporated highly qualified and experienced professionals like Architects, Urban Planners, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Sanitary Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Construction Management Specialists, Geotechnical Engineers, GIS Specialists, IT Specialists, Surveyors, Regional Planners, Infrastructure Engineers, Hydrologists, Chemical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Data Collectors, Data Encoders, CADD Specialists, Draftsmen/Draftswomen, Economists, Sociologists, Environmentalists, Site supervisors/engineers, Quantity Surveyors and other supporting staff in different disciplines. Some of the workers had a diverse and profound experience in the above discipline both in private and public undertakings.

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SETS Building 3rd and 4th Floor 
Jacros - Sahlite Mehret Road

PO Box: 65 Code 1036
Telephone: +251-11-662-7628
Facsimile: +251-11-662-9536
Mobile: (+251) (93) 000 3817
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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