Architectural Design, Urban Design, and Interior Architecture.

Architectural Design: Architectural design focuses on the creation and planning of buildings and structures. Architects who specialize in architectural design work on projects ranging from residential homes to commercial buildings, institutional structures, and public spaces. They consider various factors such as aesthetics, functionality, structural integrity, environmental sustainability, and user needs while designing spaces. Architectural design involves conceptualizing, visualizing, and creating detailed plans and drawings for construction.

Urban Design: Urban design is concerned with the planning and design of cities, towns, and urban areas. Urban designers work on larger scales, considering the overall layout, organization, and development of urban spaces. They aim to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable environments that promote social interaction, accessibility, and efficient land use. Urban design involves analyzing existing urban contexts, proposing urban plans, designing public spaces, considering transportation systems, and addressing social, economic, and environmental aspects of urban life.

Interior Architecture: Interior architecture focuses on the design and renovation of interior spaces within buildings. Interior architects work on projects such as residential interiors, commercial spaces, hospitality venues, and institutional settings. They consider factors like spatial planning, ergonomics, lighting, materials, acoustics, and aesthetics to create functional and visually appealing interiors. Interior architecture involves designing layouts, selecting finishes, specifying furniture and fixtures, and integrating technology to enhance the user experience within a built environment.